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Nutrition & Mental Health

Tuesdays 7 pm March 8, 15, 22, 29

Come learn about the root causes to mental illness and how you can heal. Nancy shares her personal story of healing from Bipolar Disorder and an attempted suicide. Each session will last from 1-1.5 hours. Come in-person for a more personalized touch or get access online. In-person seating is limited so sign up now to reserve your spot.

Session 1: Base Dietary Plan (Optimal Mental Health Nutrition Plan), Digestion, & Hydration

Session 2: Gut Microbiome & Sleep

Session 3: Liver Health & Hormones

Session 4: Detoxification & Additional Nutrient Support

This 4-Part Series can be taken online or in-person (Herbalty Cottage 415 Main St., Medina, NY). 

Sessions are taught by Nancy Rose, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and author of Hope For An Incurable Mental Illness.
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Online Class

Receive a copy of Hope For An Incurable Mental Illness mailed

Access to the 4-Part Series Online through a private Facebook group

In-Person Class

Receive a copy of Hope For An Incurable Mental Illness at first session.

Meet at Herbalty Cottage 7 pm on Tuesdays March 8, 15, 22, 29

You do not need a PayPal account to purchase this cleanse. Simply choose Pay with Debit or Credit Card. Be sure to include the best email address when checking out as that is where you will get instructions for this cleanse and how to join the Private Facebook Group. Must be atleast 18 years old with a Facebook account to access the private group. Your name on purchase must also match your Facebook Profile.

Conquering Anxiety Naturally

5 Part Video Series

Discover nutritional roots to anxiety and learn how to resolve them naturally.
In this 5-part video series you will be filled with hope as you learn which root issues are causing or exacerbating your anxiety and find solutions to live FREE from it!
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5 Part Video Series

Part 1: Low Blood Sugar

Part 2: Food Sensitivities

Part 3: Protein's Power

Part 4: Gut Health

Part 5: Your Thoughts

Transform Your Life Program Olga and I.p

Transform Your Life Program

Live the life God intended for you!

Come along on a journey to discover who God created you to be, what truly makes you happy, and how to live with an abundance of health and energy!
This 5-step program will help you to Transform Your Life into one that you've only dreamed of!
5 Simple Steps

Prepare Your Mind

Discover Your Purpose

Nourish Your Body

Declutter Your Life

Create Something

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Nutrition & Mental Health