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Praise for No More Loss *

Every medical professional in the mental health field should read this book!

I read this book over the last 3 days and it is a MUST READ for ANYONE suffering from mental health issues. Nancy tells you HOW the body works and WHY feelings of sadness, despair, and even suicidal manifest from the dysfunction in the body. The information is clear, concise, and easy to comprehend. Every medical professional should be required to read this book because the current model of allopathic mental health care is failing so many! I can tell that the author poured her heart and soul into this work. IT'S A HOME RUN and I would give it 10 STARS if I could!
By Caroline B. on March 31, 2015
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Hope For An Incurable Mental Illness Cov

*No More Loss is now re-titled Hope For An Incurable Mental Illness

More Praise for No More Loss

My colleague and friend, Nancy Rose, has shared her heart, her faith and her passion to see lives transformed body, mind and spirit on every single page of her new book! Her book is exactly what I do in my practice as well to help people reach their optimal health/mental health in ALL areas of their life (body, mind, and spirit). You need to get this book and get one for a friend who is struggling.  - Laurie H., NTP


This book is the goods for anybody who has struggled with food and mental health - which are inextricably linked, as Nancy Rose points out. Her program is NOT a diet per se, but a common sense approach to changing habits of eating and thinking, one that promotes better health overall, physically and mentally. While the book's subtitle refers to suicide prevention, it really is relevant to anybody who has struggled with emotional issues or has had to use antidepressants. There IS a way to live a happy life without reliance on human-made chemicals, and Ms. Rose provides excellent practical guidance for achieving a state of mind and body that allows us to live life to the fullest, while eating better in the process. I recommend this book highly!    By Elin WM on April 17, 2016

Praise for Weight Resolve

Tracey was diagnosed with MS

This gave her motivation to make the changes she needed to make. I started her out on my 5-Day Weight Loss Program.
"I lost over 4 pounds and 2.5 inches during the 5 Day Program! Results had become my biggest motivator!
My journey started decades ago. I suffered from depression, low self-image and constant digestive distress. I was overweight, suffering from asthma and allergies, and persistent diarrhea."
Tracey continued on with private consultations and lost a total of 76 pounds!
"I know how to listen to my body and I feel great! I no longer take any medication for asthma, allergies, or digestive issues and I am able to control my symptoms of MS all through the dietary changes recommended by Nancy. My self-confidence has returned....And so has the sparkle in my eye!!
More Praise for Nancy's Weight Loss Program

Before I thought I ate healthily....I exercised regularly but at my age I still managed to gain weight no matter how careful I was. Now I look and feel great. I bought a bikini today - the first one in 19 years!   -N.R. (48 years old) lost 13 lbs., 15.9% body fat, and 5" on her waist

I lost more weight than I imagined possible. I have  had a lot of trouble losing weight prior to this. When I am following the diet I have no food cravings or hunger. There are many good things on the plan. I can walk past a bowl of M&M's and not want any.   -R.W.

This 12-Week Class has taught me so much about proper nutrition and taking responsibility for my own health...thank you for giving me hope that I do not have to accept being fat for the rest of my life.  -J.I.

When I try to think of a way to describe the Weight Loss System, certain adjectives come to mind right away. The three that best describe it are easy, life-changing, and incredible! I assumed that this would be the typical "diet" or weight loss plan,like the ones I tried before. This system is totally different and after the first 5 days I saw results! When you see results that quickly, the motivation to continue overcomes you. This is something that anybody can do and I highly recommend anyone to try it. I am now a believer and tell everyone about it!    -Jennifer V.R. lost 3.6 lbs, and 5 7/8 inches in only 5 days

Digestive symptoms were resolved. I was on antacids for a long time and my doctor never mentioned the side effects or if there were other options to solve my stomach issues. While doing the Weight Loss Program, I was able to solve my digestive problems and stop taking the antacids. My doctor was very surprised. In addition, I have no sugar cravings. I use to wake up every morning with headaches. Those have gone away by eating healthy fats and protein and I have learned to regulate my blood sugar levels  -Ruth


Client Testimonials

Recovery From Adrenal Fatigue

Before I started working with Nancy, I didn’t realize that what I ate had a huge affect on so many areas of my health/life.  I also didn’t think that I needed to lose weight, but since working with Nancy I’ve lost 20 pounds and feel so much better, more like my old self and a lot more energy. My adrenals were also very stressed, and Nancy had me going to the salt room and sauna and doing other things to support my adrenals.  At a recent visit with my naturopath, she said that my adrenals tested better that 95% of her tested patients and extended kudos to Nancy for this improvement.   -Tina Feldman
More Client Testimonials

Help for Insomnia & Pain


I first met Nancy in November of 2019. I came to her wanting help for insomnia, arthritic pain, stomach issues, weight, and ringing in my ears. My weight at the time was 140 lbs. Nancy started getting to the root causes right away. Mostly we ruled out some foods that were causing inflammation, but also we found I was lacking in some nutrients. I felt comfortable and confident with her right away. She knows what direction to take you to improve your health. 

As of October 3, 2020 my weight is down to 118 lbs., my digestive issues resolved, my arthritis pain is very much improved, and I no longer have insomnia.   -Ann W.